Success is not only achievement.
For us, success is sharing the spirit and goals of the SDG camps and working with us to realise those goals, in whatever way you can. Now and in the future.
There are numerous ways to participate, including volunteering, sharing your ideas, becoming a mentor, or becoming one of our partners.
Many alumnis are still with us, creating changes everyday and that's what we consider success; that's what makes us proud of our work.
أماني الخروبي  Bios caros - climate change activist -  Ambassador at Arab youth international MUN- Bloommaster international competition

Ameni Kharroubi

Ameni Kharroubi is a 21-years-old Tunisian environmental activist.
She is currently a graduate student in sustainable energy and development. She is also the founder of Bios Caros.  In 2017, she joined the SDG camps and YLP4 programme with her project Bios Caros. A startup that aims to produce and sell biodiesel made from used cooking oil. Ameni has participated in multiple international conferences such as the ECOSOC youth forum in 2018 and the International youth innovation summit in China in 2019. For the time being, she is an ambassador of Kalinka a Russian NGO and facilitator at the SDG camps. 
Amine Zouaoui - GOMYCOE - youth club - youth advocator- westand- plateform - أمين الزواوي

Amine Zouaoui

Amine Zouaoui is a 17-year-old student.
He is a young advocate for equal quality education in Tunisia and a member of the national directing committee of YOUTH CLUBs association. He is also a former instructor at GoMyCode, the leading coding school in Tunisia. Fond of programming and coding, he participated in the SGD camps at the age of 15 through a hackathon called "Code4Tunisia" which was co-organized by GoMyCode. The challenge was: "improving education through digitalization". His team won the challenge back then and was nominated on a national scale, where their project was selected as one of the top 10 projects. The initiative is called "WeStand", and their main goal is to introduce the SDGs to students since 70% of them never heard about the concept. Amine is still working on improving his coding and programming skills, to be able to enlighten the world and help with new ideas and new projects.
Salma Belahssine - safeness - UN Women's - violence

Salma Belhassine

Salma Belhassine is one of the SDG Camps' alumnus and the co-founder of SafeNess, a mobile app that aims to reduce violence in public spaces, available in both Tunisia and Morocco. She also is the national coordinator of Salamat MENA, an initiative led by the SecDev foundation to empower women into protecting themselves in cyberspace. Salma's story was listed among UN Women's "6 Things We Learned about Women's Resistance in 2018".
Mohamed Ali Raddaoui - Queer Feminist man representing the LGBTQIA+ community UN Women

Mohamed Ali Raddaoui

Since the Tunisian revolution, Mohamed Ali Raddaoui has been engaged in civic society and volunteering with international organizations such as UNDP and UN Women. He observed the democratic transition of Tunisia and the process of decentralization which made him develop an interest in policy and decision-making. 

A valuable experience that he would like to share would be his participation in the national consultation Beijing+25 on gender equality organized by UN Women where he has spoken up about queer rights and gender equality. Today, he decided to pursue a Master in Diplomacy and International relations in addition to his Business Intelligence degree.