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In progress (2019)


A mobile application to facilitate the screening of chronic diseases and cancerous diseases

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In progress (2019)


Dracoss is a startup that helps restaurants save and recycle greywater wasted during dishwashing and bot wash toilets so they can reduce their hyperconsumption (water and energy) by using an innovative machine that s 'called Hydreau. Hydreau is a machine capable of treating 9000L of greywater/day without using filters and chemicals. Dracoss has already prepared its Business Plan and we are in the process of building a prototype and testing its functionality and the Quality / Standards of the treated water in collaboration with Ariana ONAS Lab.

Tunisian changemakers - SDG CAMPS - ideas - sdg 10
Completed (2019)


Darydar, is a mobile and web platform for connecting individuals and contractors. 

Darydar chooses its freelance technicians and assigns them automatically following the request of its users.

Safeness , sexual harrasement , violence , public space,
Completed (2017)


SafeNess is a mobile app that aims to reduce sexual harassment and violence in public spaces. 

Available on both Android and playstore for free.

bios caros,  Sousse, biodiesel
In progress (2018)

Bios Caros

Bios Caros is a green technology, making an end to the “wasted used cooking oing oil” pollution; by giving birth to a new product: biodiesel.

A substance based entirely on recycling that is more efficient and more environmentally friendly than fossil fuel.
Our main goal is to reduce pollution and to encourage people to use renewable energy.

Taher Sellami , CV , YLP,  sdg camps , 2018,
In progress (2018)


INOApp is an app that automates CVs creation in a way that encourages companies to stick to a qualification-based recruitment process. It puts the company's reputation and credibility on a stake in order to reduce the possibility of unjustified rejections.