Our Story

Since 2016 we have supported 4500 youth to realise their own unique visions and ambitions.
We continue to encourage young Tunisians to become the innovators, entrepreneurs, political actors and peacebuilders of the future.
Our initial vision continues to infuse the spirit of the SDG camps today; to unify, empower and connect Tunisian youth, and to provide a dynamic space/platform and network where ideas, innovations and strategic visions are realised.
The SDG camps offer guidance, support and opportunities that can enable young people to thrive; locally, nationally and globally.
Your knowledge and creativity, our support and guidance.


In 2016 a first edition of the SDG Camps Tunisia was launched with the participation of 100 young people who identified 26 solutions, 5 of which were selected to represent Tunisia in the Youth leadership Programme workshop held in Kuwait.


First pilot

In 2017, following the same methodology, 200 young people from 8 Tunisian governorates were mobilized and 5 solutions selected from 40 innovative ideas that emerged as a result of the Camps in collaboration of 5 municipalities.


Initiating partnership

In 2018, following the establishment of partnerships with national entities working on the inclusion of young people and the promotion of entrepreneurship, the SDG Camps managed to capture the needs of 800 young people from 24 governorates and 7 universities, 49% of whom are women.



In 2019, we have amounted to over 10 partners (private sector, government, local authorities and civil society. These partnerships have been sealed through MoUs and structured depending on the partner’s work into 3 categories: implementation, pre-incubation, incubation and acceleration. All partners share the necessary knowledge and tools for the realization of the solutions.